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Watch AL Arabiya TV live online from UAE.AL Arabiya is an television channel from UAE.Abdul Rahman al-Rashid is the director general of Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television known for his liberal views, has resigned, a member of the channel�s editorial management told AFP. �Rashid announced at Wednesday is editorial meeting that he had submitted his resignation to the chairman of MBC group, Sheikh Walid al-Ibrahim, who will have the last say,� the source said on condition of anonymity.
Dubai-based Al-Arabiya, part of Middle East Broadcasting Corp, is a prominent Arab news channel and the main rival of Qatar�s Al-Jazeera. The exact reasons for Rashid�s resignation were not clear. Journalistic circles said it might be linked to his regular liberal-oriented columns in the London-based Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat, which were discontinued in the past few days.
During the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, Al-Arabiya also aired a series of documentaries on the relations between Islam and the West which included criticism of the ultra-conservative Saudi form of Islam known as Wahhabism.
Launched in 2003, Al-Arabiya stole some of the limelight from Al-Jazeera. Both channels are backed by wealthy Gulf monarchies and are engaged in a fierce battle over Arab audiences, in a region marked by numerous conflicts and a rise in Islamic fundamentalism.

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