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FNN News TV Online Live FNN News TV Watch FNN News TV Channels FNN News TV Streaming. Financial News Network (FNN) was founded in 1981 by two men: Rodney Buchser, who had been general manager of KWHY, Channel 22 in Los Angeles and Glenn Taylor. The concept originated in New York City in 1975 on WBTB-TV, Channel 68. Eugene Inger, a registered investment adviser started his daily Wall Street programming in the Fall of 1975. Keith Houser was the G.M. Mr. Houser negotiated with the NY-SEC office to get the ticker tape to crawl across the bottom of the screen with a Two hour delay, due to the SEC worrying that it might "destablize" the market. The ticker ran across the lower third of the screen, with stock prices on the top (white) band and index prices on the bottom (blue) band. After the first year of programming the SEC permitted just a twenty minute delay.